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The game

Christmas Mishap is a fun Christmas game with Santa Claus as a protagonist. The atmosphere, music and graphics transport you to the magical spirit of Christmas.

The story

The story starts when Santa Claus loses control over his sled and falls down the side of a mountain.

During his awkward falling, the gifts that he is carrying jump off his bag.

You must help Santa Claus avoid losing his gifts by touching on them as quickly as possible. But beware, not all gifts earn points!

You should also pay attention to what you're doing because the order in which you select the gifts is very important to add extra points by making combos.

Enjoy this Christmas iPhone iPad game together with your children, family and friends. You will definitely have fun!

"Christmas Mishap" is a game suitable for all audiences. Available on the App Store.

Availabel on the App Store
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Christmas Mishap · Copyright 2010

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